One Word for 2014

One Word for 2014

OneWordIconI had no intention of doing this…none whatsoever.  I’ve seen the idea floating around for quite a while now.  I’ve noticed it on blogs and around Pinterest, but it was never appealing to me. Instead, on December 31 I found myself jotting down a few ideas concerning the new year. I listed some goals and desires, various thoughts about what I’d like to concentrate on this new year. But nothing was coming together.  Nothing was really new so I set the list aside without having made any connection to the thoughts on the page.  They were things I’d probably do without having formally written them down.

Then, early Wednesday morning, as I lay pondering the newly arrived year and breathing random thoughts to the Lord, tears started to flow, frustrations began to surface, and with trepidation and hesitation I found myself whispering,

“Can I just be honest with you, God?”

And wham!  It resounded in my ears, creating movement in seemingly sequestered recesses of my heart…that word HONEST.  It came with invitation in hand, beckoning me to follow what seemed like a treacherous path, a very slippery slope, one I have never dared to walk.  And yet, at the same time, it felt a wee bit like…freedom.

So, I’m trusting God can handle it and that it won’t send me spiraling into negativity. There are scriptures flooding my mind that seem to contradict…ones I’ve lived for over thirty-seven years as a Christian.  But, there’s these other thoughts too.  Thoughts of David, Asaph, Elijah, Jonah, Mary and Martha…all who had questions they were bold enough, HONEST enough, to pour out to the Lord.  And yes, He handled it.

I know…it seems ludicrous.  Do I think He doesn’t know what I’m thinking and feeling anyway?  I know it…in my head.  But this feels deeper than that.  There’s something going on in my heart concerning this and I’m going for it, looking to be honest not only with God but with myself too. Because sometimes, to be HONEST, I don’t know what I want or where I’m headed.   I’m trusting Him in this. We’ll see where it leads. We’ll see where He leads.

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  1. I love this post on a word for the year. I have been asking the Lord for a word for several years now and encourage the women in our church to ask too. It is so much fun to share what the Lord has given each of us and then hear how He comes in that way all year!
    Here is an article that you might enjoy on this topic:
    Blessings to you.

    • Thanks, Debbie. I appreciate you stopping by. Loved the article you referred to. So interesting and what a great site. Your corner of the blogosphere is “simply” beautiful too. Words, words, words and THE WORD! Nothing better.

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