Liberating Words (My Story)


For years I struggled as a Christian attempting to live up to an acceptable moral standard.  Frankly, I nearly broke under the defeat and disappointment. When I finally understood some often misunderstood things in God’s Word, well it did for me what all my effort, good intentions, guilt, and trying failed to do.   If you’ve found yourself in a relentless cycle of struggling with sin, failure, guilt, and condemnation then don’t miss a step of this journey.  Follow in my footsteps as, by the grace of God, I (and possibly you) move from trying to triumph.

Here’s my story…

~ Tired of Trying ~



~ The “Genesis” of My Freedom ~



~ Remarkable Revelations from Romans ~ 



~ Losing My Mind & Finding My Freedom ~



~ Lessons from Jacob ~


~ Thank God I Found These Keys ~



 photo credit: George Hodan