A Pen’s Fountain

A Pen’s Fountain

FountainPenJoining Five Minute Friday for this week’s writing prompt: Writer

Writing has been a struggle of late. I wouldn’t be being honest if I said I didn’t know why. I know why because I know that for the writer I am, writing primarily about God and His life-giving Word, writing is simply overflow. And lately, there’s been none.

Striving, struggling, straining to write let’s me know there’s no flow.  Recently someone asked how often I update my blog, to which I answered, “When I have something to say“. And I’m realizing more and more that the nagging voice in the back of my head pressing me to write…something…anything to create a post so the blog stays current, is a sign that there’s a different current I need to attend to.

Like a stream in drought with but a trickle of movement, I need current all right…the current that comes from immersing myself in the fountain of living water, the source of life…abundant life. That, not my blog, is what I need to keep current. Little input equals little output, and that’s been my state.

So, once again I’m learning yet another of my issues is a heart issue. This writer’s hand has been stilled by a wanting heart.  I long to be in the flow, to the point of overflow…my heart so full that inspiration, revelation can not be contained.  That I, with the psalmist, might declare through my writing, by the mere fact that I am writing…

My heart overflows with a good theme…My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalms 45:1


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The “Write” Reason

The “Write” Reason

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday for this week’s writing challenge.  The prompt is ‘Write

Baruch_WritesAs someone who likes to write I’ve always been fascinated by Baruch, the man spoken of in Jeremiah 36, who was given the job of writing on a scroll every word of prophetic warning the Lord had spoken through Jeremiah to His people concerning their impending judgment. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken him, sitting at the feet of the prophet as he dictated every God-breathed word.  Having finally completed this laborious task Baruch is then called upon to take this scroll and read it in the presence of these disobedient and rebellious people. When some of the hearers are struck with fear and take the scroll to be read to the king, the one with authority to call the people to repentance, he instead takes Baruch’s painstaking work and throws it into a burning fire!  And then?  God’s command to write comes once again; Jeremiah will dictate and Baruch will re-write every single word he had already written…with the addition of more yet.

Yes, I’m intrigued by this faithful scribe Baruch, the obedient, self-sacrificing servant whose gift to write was humbly offered to God for His use.  He had a reason to write, and it appeared to me that Baruch had chosen the right reason.  Ah…but things are not always as they appear.Continue reading